Meeting of the Executive Committee of Industrial Capacities and Industrial Development

Our president, Daniel Prieto, attended the third meeting of the Executive Committee of Industrial Capacities and Industrial Development. This meeting has served as a platform to review and discuss the progress made by the committee’s subgroups, focusing on strengthening industrial capabilities and promoting sustainable industrial development. Our president’s participation in this forum not only reflects […]

First meeting of the Construction Cluster Advisory Council

First meeting of the Advisory Council of the Construction Cluster (Fundación Galicia Constrúe), a significant milestone in our continued commitment to innovation and collaboration within the sector. This inaugural meeting marks the beginning of a new stage of synergies between the different clusters that participate in the construction value chain. During this meeting, we shared […]

Public Procurement Congress with the participation of Eugencia Calvo

The II Congress of Public Procurement, promoted by the Provincial Council of Coruña, seeks to promote dialogue and collaboration to promote efficiency in administrative processes related to procurement. This event will bring together experts and professionals from the sector to discuss how to optimize the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and special social […]

AGEINCO founding partner of the Federation of Associations of engineering and knowledge companies of Spain

On September 22, AGEINCO signed in Madrid as one of the founding partners the founding act of CÍES, the Federation of Associations of Engineering and Knowledge Companies of Spain. CIES currently groups nine engineering associations and clusters, these are: ASICA (Andalusia), ASINCEX (Extremadura), ACALINCO (Castilla León), AVINCO (Valencia), AECIC (Murcia), AINCO (Canary Islands), ASINCAR (Aragón), […]

AGEINCO Conference: “Incentives for Innovation”: Public financing, associated tax savings and staff bonuses “

Last Thursday, October 7, the conference on “Incentives for innovation: Public financing, associated tax savings and staff bonuses” was held in Santiago de Compostela, which AGEINCO organized in collaboration with its new collaborator Leyton and Banco Sabadell, with the participation of GAIN (Galician Innovation Agency). In it, Abel Fernández, Leyton Partnership Manager, explained the services […]

AGEINCO closes the Obradoiros “Data 4.0 for making better decisions”

Last Friday, September 3, the workshops “Data 4.0 for making better decisions” were closed, financed by the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion and with the collaboration of the Pontevedra Entrepreneurs Confederation. With the closing, two months of presentations with a scope of more than 200 people came to an end and in which the essential […]

Galicia aspires to finance 32 mobility projects with the Next Generation

They represent 1.8 billion in public and private investment | Two initiatives associated with Vigo, one of them for smart car parks, in the bid Cleaner, smarter, more efficient, safer and more competitive mobility. This is how the president of the Xunta, Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, synthesized yesterday the spirit of the projects that make up, […]

A project to build smart car parks in Galicia seeks European funds

The consortium is led by the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Pontevedra A consortium of public and private entities has presented a project to build six state-of-the-art smart car parks for road transport in Galicia, which is opting to attract financing from the EU recovery funds, better known as Next Generation funds. The consortium is led […]


C/ Torreiro 13, 5º B • 15003 A Coruña +34 981 227 589 Since the establishment of GIS CIESA by a multidisciplinary team of professionals from different fields of Engineering, the objective pursued then – and now significantly achieved – was to form a consulting company with a clear vocation for excellence in […]