Ageinco offers the following services to all its associates

1 - institucionals

  • Representation and defence of Engineering, Consulting and Technological Services sector interests.
  • Meeting point for companies and the promotion of consortiums and economies of scale.
  • Relations with International Associations (EFCA, FIDIC y FEPAC), Professional Bodies, and Universities.

2 - intelLectual

  • Create a culture of common purpose.
  • Achieve fluid labour relations by contributing along with the unions to the protection of salaries and economic interests.
  • Promotional campaigns to improve the image of the sector.

3 - informaTiOn

  • Daily news bulletin regarding:
    1. Up to date information and statistics regarding limitation, openings and adjudications of the main contracting Ministries.
    2. New sector legislation.
    3. Specific sector studies and price analysis.
    4. Job offers and requests.
    5. Business opportunities.
  • Website with private area for Associates.
  • Library.
  • Strategic sector analysis bulletin.


  • Participation in civil liability insurance programs, under advantageous conditions for members.
  • Possibility of participation in 4 sectoral Commissions, 12 Committees and 7 Working Groups of the Association. (More than 75 work meetings).
  • Participation in conferences, events, conferences, interviews, lunches and business meetings.
  • Obtaining, free of charge, certificates of business circumstances, required by Public Administrations.
  • Legal, labor and tax assistance.
  • Leadership of collective bargaining in the sector.
  • Advanced business management: innovation, competitiveness…
  • Video conferencing service.
  • Management of foreign technicians.