The admission procedure for our members results from what is established in article 11 of the statutes and specifies the following requirements.

Regarding the admission of Individual Members, a differentiation will be made between those from other territorial Associations and the new ones in the strict sense.

1 – Newly incorporated companies:

Companies wishing to join the association must submit the corresponding written request addressed to the president of the association, expressing their willingness to join the association; accompanied by the declaration that it meets and accepts the requirements established in the Association’s Statutes.
In view of the documentation received, the Board of Directors of the association will decide by a majority of two thirds of its members present, on the admission or not of the applicant.
The agreement must be ratified at the first General Assembly to be held.
Against the refusal of admission, the affected party may appeal to the Assembly itself, which will decide in the last instance.
At the association’s domicile there will be a Membership Registry Book, in which the registrations and cancellations that occur will be recorded, stating the corresponding date. All associates will have free access to this Member Registration Book.

2 – Companies from other Territorial Associations, with delegations in Galicia:

All those companies that, being already members of Tecniberia / Asince, wish to join AGEINCO due to the establishment of stable work centers in the territory of the Galician Autonomous Community, will be full members from the moment they present themselves to the president of the association, a written communication in which the intention to join is manifested, attaching the Tecniberia / Asince Certificate that determines the number of votes that corresponds to the staff provided in our autonomous community, requiring that they have a minimum of one vote. In this way, you will not need the acceptance of either the Board of Directors or the General Assembly of the Association.

In any case, this entry system will mean permanence in the Association for a minimum period of one year. The number of votes corresponding to the incorporated member will be reviewed annually when the other members belonging to Ageinco are assessed.