The admission procedure of our members results from the provisions of article 11 of the statutes and requires the following requirements.

Companies wishing to join the cluster association must submit the corresponding written request, addressed to the president, expressing their willingness to join; accompanied by a declaration that it complies with and accepts the requirements laid down in the statutes and their code of ethics; as well as providing all the business information requested for this purpose.

In view of the documentation received, the board of directors proposes and the extraordinary general meeting will decide by a two-thirds majority of its associates present on the admission or not of the applicant.

Against the refusal of admission, the affected party may appeal to the assembly itself, which will ultimately decide.

The requirements for admission are that the applicant company:

  • Have production facilities, with registered office in Galicia or have an operational and stable presence for at least three years for companies whose registered office is outside the Autonomous Community.
  • Have a minimum of two professional technicians hired full-time per year, in the Autonomous Community of Galicia; or, to have or actively collaborate with at least one engineer or engineering company.
  • That of the activities of its annual turnover, fifty percent are related to the value chain of engineering or architectural technical services.
  • Be in any of the following cases:
    • Develop an economic activity in Galicia related to engineering that generates added value in the autonomous community.
    • Intensively demand services or engineering work. In this case, the general assembly could study the formula of adhesion of entities not based in Galicia, or where appropriate, the stable form of collaboration with these companies.
    • Offer engineering services or carry out other activities that are of interest to associates, such as improving competitiveness, internationalization, marketing and seeking financing.
  • Prove your legal qualification to exercise business and / or professional activities.
  • Be up to date with the payments derived from their duties with the Public Treasury and Social Security, and make the deposit of their accounts in the Mercantile Registry, or if applicable, have the legal documentation that proves the exercise of their activity and the volume of turnover.


At the address of the cluster association there will be a register book of associates, in which the registrations and cancellations that occur will be recorded, with expression of their corresponding date. All members will have free access to this member log book.