statutory purposes

  • Grouping Engineering, Consulting and Technology Services Companies as well as fostering the spirit, the ties of solidarity and collaboration between them, and their technical, direction and management professional capacity.

  • Represent the members of the ASSOCIATION before any Bodies, Entities and Institutions, Centers, Offices and public or private Dependencies in whatever matters are of their interest and so request.

  • Intervene in labor relations, contributing in parallel with the unions to the defense and promotion of the economic and social interests that are their own.

  • Support the promotion and image of Galician Engineering, Consulting and Technical Services in the interior and abroad, assuming before the Administration the representation of the Export Sector Agreement with the participation and initiative of the Companies and Associations interested in the market Exterior.

  • Support the representation, promotion and defense of the common interests of its members, both inside and outside Galicia.

  • Encourage the professional development of companies to be carried out in the light of the utmost respect for environmental balance, adopting as many initiatives as necessary to achieve maximum utility for its members, the economy and society in general within the framework of authentic sustainable development .

  • Offer clients and, in general, third parties, the ethical and technical guarantees inherent to their status as a member of the ASSOCIATION, in accordance with its Code of Ethics.

  • Express the collective point of view of the associated companies in matters of general or particular interest to the sector.

  • Represent, guide and defend the common interests of the associates against third parties and private and official entities or bodies of all kinds, as well as the interests of the Association

  • Guide and develop all kinds of initiatives that may benefit its associates. Promote, program and carry out training and dissemination actions, occupational training plans aimed primarily at unemployed workers, continuous training plans aimed primarily at active workers, including the self-employed.

  • Promote improvement actions for associates in the areas of management, organization, logistics, quality and business excellence.

  •  Promote actions to promote the environment, innovation, the prevention of occupational hazards and the defense of occupational health and safety of workers, social responsibility, human resources as well as the promotion of information and communication technologies .

Profile of associated companies

AGEINCO members are legally constituted companies that carry out their activity in at least one of the following areas:

  • Engineering in all its specialties, such as: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Environmental Engineering, etc.

  • Consulting in all its specialties, including Consulting in Engineering, Economics, Organization and Business Management, Computer Science, Training and Professional Training, as well as Research, Development and Technological Innovation.

  • Management of the Promotion, Construction, Operation and Conservation of any type of works, services and facilities.

  • Associated companies are characterized by having a high level of technology, innovation, human capital and a high level of investment in R+D+i. All this in compliance with a code of ethics (good practices). The vast majority of AGEINCO’s associated companies are SMEs, with a percentage of around 95%.