A project to build smart car parks in Galicia seeks European funds

The consortium is led by the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Pontevedra

A consortium of public and private entities has presented a project to build six state-of-the-art smart car parks for road transport in Galicia, which is opting to attract financing from the EU recovery funds, better known as Next Generation funds.

The consortium is led by the Pontevedra Confederation of Entrepreneurs (CEP) and its partners are the Regional Ministry of Infrastructure and Mobility, the Vigo Port Authority (APV), the Pontevedra Discretionary Freight Transport Entrepreneurs Association (Asetranspo ), the Galician Association of Engineering Companies (Ageinco) and the Association of Constructors of Pontevedra (ACP).

As reported by the CEP in a statement, the project is called Smart Logistics Áreas Galicia and aims to raise 110 million euros for the construction of six state-of-the-art parking lots in A Coruña, Ferrol, Lugo, Ourense, Santiago and Vigo, each one of which it would require an investment of about 18 million euros and would serve the entire community.

«This consortium is a perfect reflection of the fruits of the collaboration of public and private entities, which makes it possible to identify investment priorities and set common objectives to develop the Galician economy in line with the objectives of the Next Generation funds themselves: digitization , increasing competitiveness and sustainability “, said the president of CEP, Jorge Cebreiros.

These smart car parks for road transport vehicles would be located outside urban centers, with the intention of reducing heavy traffic, which in turn would reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality in cities and towns. of the own health of its inhabitants.

In the strictly business sphere, the benefits, according to Cebreiros, are the application of technological solutions such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology, as well as the installation of clean energy refueling points.

According to data from the road transport sector, new technologies enhance its value chain in terms of efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness, and can lead to an average increase in vehicles, both national and international traffic, of around 20 percent .

Additionally, reducing logistics costs opens up the possibility of an increase in business volume.

If this initiative is executed, Cebreiros said, “not only would Galician companies benefit directly, but also the entire productive fabric of the northwest of the peninsula, due to the positive impact it would have on all business activity.”

The CEP understands that the strength of the partners that accompany it in this initiative feeds their joint hope that the project will be considered positively and that it will obtain the necessary funds for its execution.