AGEINCO founding partner of the Federation of Associations of engineering and knowledge companies of Spain

On September 22, AGEINCO signed in Madrid as one of the founding partners the founding act of CÍES, the Federation of Associations of Engineering and Knowledge Companies of Spain. CIES currently groups nine engineering associations and clusters, these are: ASICA (Andalusia), ASINCEX (Extremadura), ACALINCO (Castilla León), AVINCO (Valencia), AECIC (Murcia), AINCO (Canary Islands), ASINCAR (Aragón), GAIA (Basque Country) and AGEINCO (Galicia). On the day of its constitution, Ignacio Sánchez de Mora (President of ASICA) and Daniel Prieto Renda (President of AGEINCO) set out the following objectives on which CÍES will pivot: ”CIES’s main purposes are the representation, management, defense and promotion of interests of its members in their relations with public administrations, business organizations and trade unions. Investment in engineering and knowledge will be promoted through Next Generation funds, a quality-based purchasing system with bidding base prices comparable to those of advanced economies in the European Union, and the central purchasing unit for goods and services will be promoted. common services to companies ”. In this Federation, 194 companies will be represented, comprising 16,000 workers, and an aggregate turnover of 1,330 million euros. “This is a strategic step for the private sector, with which we will enhance our influence, prestige and business cooperation in the face of the opportunities generated by the intended transformation of the productive model of the Spanish economy.”