AGEINCO closes the Obradoiros “Data 4.0 for making better decisions”

Last Friday, September 3, the workshops “Data 4.0 for making better decisions” were closed, financed by the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion and with the collaboration of the Pontevedra Entrepreneurs Confederation.

With the closing, two months of presentations with a scope of more than 200 people came to an end and in which the essential technologies in the digital transformation that are so necessary in the coming years have been discussed, such as: Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Big Data , Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

On this last day we have had the presence of Enrique Dans, professor at IE Business School and participant in several committees specialized in technology. Enrique spoke to us about how the world of work has changed after the pandemic, in which work must be distributed and companies have to build trust with their employees. The coronavirus showed us that we are capable of generating a rapid response as a society. In addition, mention was made of the climate challenge, in which engineering has the responsibility and capacity to generate solutions.

We have also had the presence of Daniel Prieto, President of AGEINCO. Which has made us a review of the history of the association since it was founded back in 2004 and that in this last year it has been reconverted to a Cluster to cover the entire value chain of the engineering sector. That is, from the Universities, where talent and future engineers are trained, the professional associations, where they are represented, the technology centers from where innovation is supported and finally companies. With this conversion to a Cluster, AGEINCO will now group and represent more than 53 entities and more than 90,000 people involved with an aggregate turnover of 725 million euros in turnover.

During the day, the incorporation of AGEINCO to the Spanish Confederation of Associations of Engineering and Knowledge Companies was announced. Confederation that will be formed by the nine most important territorial associations in Spain and that will seek to defend the interests of the engineering sector at the national level, more than 200 companies, more than 31,000 workers and more than 3,200 million in turnover.

The event was closed by Fernando Guldrís, Director of the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion. In his presentation, he emphasized the importance of the relationship between associations and the administration when it comes to acting as a link with companies, supporting collaborative projects. He also highlighted the important role that engineering will have in the coming years and thanked all attendees for their participation in the obradoiros.