Ageinco statement on the state of alarm due to Covid-19

From Ageinco, first of all we hope that you and your families are well.

Given the delicate and uncertain moment that COVID19 has created and the state of alarm, and given that engineering, architecture and technical services is a sector that maintains its activity from the responsibility that this situation requires by telecommuting. From the association we are working to maintain, to the extent that the means allow and always guaranteeing the safety of people, that all this activity is carried out in the best possible way.

For this we are, on the one hand, in direct contact with all the administrations who have transmitted their intention to continue the work from the first moment, being fully aware of the limitations of teleworking. We consider it very wise to try to maintain the level of work that is possible, because when everything resumes, after the alarm state is deactivated, it will be less shocking than with the absolute stop.

And on the other hand, we offer all institutions our collaboration, for any measure in which engineering has involvement and wants to adopt, both at this time, and when the alarm state ends.

In addition, we will also act jointly with the rest of the Engineering Associations of Spain, with which we are agreeing on a joint statement, offering support to the state administration, asking for the adequate protection of people and putting value on engineering at the moment.

We consider our role to help contain the spread of the pandemic and also protect the activity of our engineering companies.

From AGEINCO we are at your disposal to consult or inform you of any need or support you need, since it is important that we all be coordinated and aligned in the same sense in situations like this.

Much encouragement to all and we stay in touch.