Vigo will be a benchmark in occupational risk prevention and industrial safety 4.0

The second international congress will be held on October 18 and 19
The headquarters of the Abanca de Vigo foundation will host on October 18 and 19 the second international congress on prevention of occupational risks and industrial safety 4.0. The seminar is organized by the Xunta de Galicia, the Galician Association of Engineers (Ageinco), the Safety and Health Institute of Galicia (Issga), the association of occupational health and safety professionals (Aprosal) and the Galician Conselho de Enseñeiros Técnicos Industriais. The president of the industrial technical engineers, Jorge Cerqueiro, thanked during the presentation made this morning at the headquarters of the Financial Club the support of the City Council of Vigo and the companies CTG Ingenieros, Omron, Cíes Atlántico and Grupo CTGA to make it possible for a day and a half a team of professionals of the highest level of prevention and industrial safety meet “of a 4.0 that is no longer future, but present.”
This congress aims to be a meeting place for the different professionals who develop their activity in the field of prevention of occupational risks and industrial safety and a forum for the debate of the normative, technical and social factors that affect these disciplines in his work of service to companies and society in general. Intervening 18 speakers in three sessions, including experts in exoskeletons and drones, as well as specialists who will contribute their experience in other general aspects.
The president of Aprosal, Carlos Martínez Corral, stressed that the emergence of new jobs and work processes and the coexistence of work environments of the traditional industry and 4.0 “will force a major adjustment effort in order to have safe workers , healthy and productive, which leads to more competitive and sustainable companies, a universal equation that will not be well resolved if companies end up displacing people from the center of their management lack of vision ».

The vice president of Ageinco, Daniel Prieto Renda, stressed that Galician engineers have always had the clear conviction that support for this type of initiatives has a synergistic, positive impact on the environment and reinforces the value of engineering at the current time . It considers that the prevention of occupational risks and industrial safety is vital for the degree of advancement and the quality of Galician engineering to be recognized at the highest level. «Galicia 4.0 works, it is a palpable reality and it is committed to the prevention of occupational risks and industrial safety as a growth axis», he commented this morning.

The director of the Issga, Adela Quinza Torroja García, said that the congress will be an effective instrument to find solutions to the new challenges posed by the new technology industry and guaranteed its continuity in the future.