0rdinary general assembly 2024

On June 26, was celebrated the ordinary general assembly of the cluster and its advisory committee. It was held at the facilities of the Club Nordés in A Coruña. The day passed with a brief welcome breakfast, sharing of relevant topics along with the annual reports and the closing of the day with a cocktail for those attending.




At the conference,  we were discussed topics of great interest to the sector of engineering and architecture companies that we represent.  It was presented the strategic plan 23-27 . Among the objectives pursued for the next 4 years we can highlight:

  • Strategic diagnosis: environmental analysis, internal analysis and strategic diagnosis.
  • Master plan: vision, mission, purpose and values.
  • Strategic plan: objectives, policies, actions, strategic lines of action.
  • Action program: Action (cluster action lines, programs and projects).
  • Financial economic plan/raising of European funds to promote strategic projects.
  • Monitoring mechanism (scorecard): mechanisms for monitoring and controlling the execution of the plan.
  • Collaborative projects: alliances between partners and collaborations.
  • Engineering communication plan
  • Sector intelligence program; observatory of the engineering sector.
  • Digital transformation program
  • Promotion of female talent



AGEINCO continue to fight to support the promotion and image of engineering, consulting and technological services, promoting the professional development of companies.


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