Letter to the Hon. Mr. President of the Government, claiming the continuity of engineering services during the state of alarm

Mr. President of the Government:
Concerned about the seriousness of the health events that are ravaging Spain, we write to you to express, on behalf of the more than 250 companies we represent, the availability of the engineering, architecture and technological services sector to assist the State to whatever extent we find it useful and may need us.
You should know that the sector intends to continue working, adapted to the existing circumstances of both protecting our workers and telecommuting and trying to maintain the best quality and an acceptable level of performance; therefore, our companies make their knowledge, resources and technology available to them, for any type of sanitary, social, or any other measure in which engineering and consulting are involved. In this sense, and in the unfortunate case that this health crisis continues beyond its forecasts, consultation engineering is postulated as one of the economic activities that will contribute to the successful completion of the public investment program under the contracting model, quality-oriented, which establishes our legal framework.
We hope and long for the pandemic to pass quickly and with a reversible impact on the economic side; Be that as it may, the Government of Spain can lean on us during the present state of alarm and the deep business revival that we will need later.
Receive our warm regards