I have always had by my side very valuable people with whom I have worked during these years in the association

Since the Galician Association of Engineering, Consulting and Technological Services Companies (Ageinco) was created in 2004, Marta Gallego holds the position of general secretary of the entity. She has a degree in Law and a Master’s Degree in Management and Organization of Human Resources from the CaixaVigo Business School. He practiced law since 1995 and, after joining Ageinco, he maintained this part-time activity until 2009, a year that he assumed full dedication in the association, which then began a much more active phase in the defense of the interests of a key sector for the modern Galician economy.

Being a woman limited or damaged at some point your labor relations or professional promotion?
My professional life has been spent as a lawyer since I finished my degree until, in 2004, I started working at Ageinco. During these years I have never felt any limitation due to my condition as a woman, neither in the legal profession nor in my relationship with the world of engineering.

We live turbulent days, what can be done to make the horizon clear?
The worst of this period of crisis that has suffered the engineering sector have been the damaging conditions of recruitment. These caused the valuation of the works very downward. We hope that, with the new law on public sector contracts, which comes into effect on March 9, prices can be controlled and more fair and reasonable amounts than those offered so far can be paid. Lately the administrations -principal client of a field of engineering- have considered the price as the sole criterion of awarding the works and, that is a very big error, because it causes extra costs when executing the projects.

Almost all successful people have found their way with mentors, teachers, family members or friends who have had a decisive influence in their lives. Is it your case?

I have always had with my side invaluable people with whom I have worked during these years in the association. I have learned a lot from directors and managers who have managed to mitigate the difficult times. I come from the world of law, however, the profile of engineers is much more attractive to me and from all those who have led the association I have learned something