Daniel Prieto Renda and Gema Panadero are already the president and vice president, respectively, of AGEINCO.

The creation of the AGEINCO Cluster, the defense of the profession and the promotion of talent, among the main objectives of the mandate

March 25, 2019. The Galician Association of Engineering, Consulting and Technological Services Companies (AGEINCO) has renewed its directive. Daniel Prieto Renda and Gema Panadero are already the president and vice president, respectively, of AGEINCO. His team is completed by the six members who left the elections held in Santiago, attended by about twenty representatives of associated companies.

After the vote, the new president offered a brief presentation in which he summarized the strategic lines to follow until 2023. “What we want is to go up and add,” said Daniel Prieto, who put the spotlight on the next creation of the AGEINCO Cluster. . This new organization will allow them, in turn, “to establish contacts and collaborations with technological centers, universities and professional groups”.

On the other hand, Prieto Renda indicated that the line of work started will be followed as regards the defense of the sector, with the monitoring of public tenders. Actions that will be complemented with the approach to the different administrations in order to “collaborate and work with them,” he said.

Another of AGEINCO’s major areas of work for the next four years is the push towards the internationalization of companies. A series of strategic actions will be established for which it will be necessary to “involve institutional agents” who commit themselves to the “empowerment of Galicia’s talent,” stated Renda.

Innovation is another of the axes of action of AGEINCO’s new board of directors. In this case, ways of collaboration will be sought to participate in innovation initiatives, as well as promoting integration in the Digital HUBs of Innovation, which is shaping up as the future of R + D + i. At the same time, Daniel Prieto proposes “creating a line to support the digital transformation of engineering, mainly in the civil area, which has great potential and an interesting market niche”.

On the other hand, AGEINCO will focus on training its associates, to which the preparation of engineering programs 4.0 will be implemented. This type of actions will be used to obtain the support of sponsoring partners for the development of technological days.

Finally, efforts will be increased in the promotion of the tasks developed by the association, through the off and online channels, as well as seeking support for the implementation of initiatives of interest to the group of partners. In short, “it’s about planning feasible and coherent projects,” concluded the new president of AGEINCO.

Review of four years of work

Before the elections of the six members of the AGEINCO board of directors, the day began with the intervention of the outgoing president, Fernando López Mera, who reviewed all the actions carried out over the past four years. Among them, he highlighted the work in defense of the sector, materialized in the implementation of legal actions against public companies, such as appeals against INECO, with the aim of “ending the auction of engineering” , specified López Mera. Appeals were also lodged against certain public bidding documents, as was the case of Zona Franca de Vigo or that of the Miño-Sil Hydrographic Confederation.

Likewise, López Mera also listed the different actions linked to the promotion of institutional relations by participating in meetings with different sectors and areas to raise awareness of the association. Among them are, precisely, the AGEINCO Tribunals organized with representatives of the different administrations carried out during the last four years.

The internationalization, the common warning service of public competitions and the collective negotiation of certain products were other aspects that were launched during the mandate of Fernando López Mera. Some questions that were complemented with the inclusion of AGEINCO in the opinion forums, offering the perspective of the collective on topics related to engineering.