Cies Atlantico S.L.U. Technical consultancy

We are a technical consultancy specialized in the management of safety and the prevention of occupational risks in industry and construction sites, being specialized in the coordination of safety and health.

We start from a global conception of security. We believe that safety and prevention, in addition to a legal requirement, can be an opportunity to obtain an improvement in working conditions, resulting in an increase in labor productivity and the quality of the final work.

We are a recently created company, with staff with extensive experience in the sector, intending to innovate in the world conception of prevention in Spain and get closer to the Europeanist conception of the management of security and prevention, avoiding old topics of security guards and Documentation auditors, for a broader and interdisciplinary vision, based on the management of human groups and teamwork.

Our intention is to integrate safety and prevention in the entire process and organization chart as indicated by the regulations and not to focus all responsibilities on a single agent.