Adantia, s.l. is a company founded in 1995 whose main corporate purpose is all aspects related to the environment.

The initial area of work of adantia, s.l. It has been the legal advice and administrative support in matters of water quality. At present, in addition to delving into the fields related to the integral management of the water cycle, we work in the drafting of environmental studies, we exercise environmental supervision of works, we elaborate environmental thematic cartographies, we process data with geographic information systems and we create environmental software and administrative processing ..

In adantia, s.l. we are willing to undertake projects of innovation and improvement both in processes and in new technologies and services and for this reason we dedicate 5% of the turnover to R & D & i projects, which have been recognized by the competent Administration.

Of the 50 people who make up the technical and administrative team of adantia, s.l. , more than 35 are senior and middle graduates that include Engineers, Graduates and Technical Engineers with different areas of specialization in environmental and administrative matters, our priority being to satisfy the needs of our clients, with the greatest protection of the environment.

Fulfilling this objective, adantia, s.l. has obtained the certification of its quality system in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2008 (EC-1258/03) standard and the certification of the environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14.001: 2004 (MA-0175/03) standard.

adantia, s.l. It has permanent offices in Santiago de Compostela, Barcelona, Madrid and Santiago de Chile, as well as different construction offices.