Autopistas del Atlántico Concesionaria Española S.A. (AUDASA) was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on 10/16/1973.

Its purpose is to exercise the rights and fulfill the obligations derived from the management of the administrative concession, in the aspects of construction, conservation and operation, of the Ferrol-Portuguese Border toll highway, as well as any other highway concessions that in the future could be granted in Spain.

In addition, its corporate purpose is the activities aimed at the operation of the motorway service areas whose concession it holds, the activities that are complementary to the construction, maintenance and operation of the motorways, as well as the following activities: service, integrated transport centers and car parks, provided that all of them are within the area of ​​influence of said highways.

The Company may also, by itself or through subsidiaries or affiliates, carry out the activities that in relation to transport and communication infrastructures are authorized in Spain and in any foreign State.

Under the same regime, the Company may develop and carry out activities or attend procedures related to road maintenance.