AGEINCO and ATIGA sign an agreement to strengthen Galician engineering

The Galician Association of Engineering and Technological Services Companies (AGEINCO) takes another important step towards the creation of the Galician Engineering Cluster thanks to the collaboration agreement with ATIGA, the Inter-Sector Technology Alliance of Galicia. The signing took place on Thursday, December 26 at 11 am in the Business Circle of Galicia in Vigo and was signed by the presidents of both institutions, Daniel Prieto by AGEINCO, and Juan Manuel Vieites, by ATIGA.

The agreement between AGEINCO and ATIGA will open a line of broad-spectrum business collaboration in terms of innovation between the members of both organizations, thus establishing a favorable context for the development of the field of engineering and technology consulting in Galicia. Within the agreement, long-distance actions with great strategic ancestry for the sector are contemplated. The joint participation in R + D + i projects, covering applied research, experimental development and innovation, and providing integral solutions to the needs of companies, is one of the main axes of the alliance and a fundamental piece for the sector projection.

The necessary digital transformation of the industrial fabric will be another of the determining applications of the agreement, which provides for a high degree of cooperation in technological services and transition and implementation to industry 4.0. The training field will also be enhanced thanks to cooperation programs that will boost the transfer of knowledge, stimulated in addition to the organization and implementation of dissemination and dissemination activities such as courses, conferences, symposia or seminars, as well as the establishment of working groups in studies and publications.

“This agreement is very important. We are living in a strategic moment of digital transformation and will be a fundamental pillar in the construction of this change,” said Daniel Prieto, who values ​​the agreement as a key development engine in the future of the sector. “We will strengthen the relationship between technology centers and engineering companies and we will create a growth space that will allow both groups to compete in an increasingly demanding international environment ”, he added, and pointed to customers as the main beneficiaries thanks to the increase in the differential value that the treaty will confer to the projects.

For his part, Juan Manuel Vieites, president of ATIGA, has influenced the extent that this pact will project in the sector, not only for its members, but also in the “set of agents that operate in our economic ecosystem”. “In the days of open innovation, today more than ever it becomes necessary to join forces to multiply impact,” said Juan Manuel Vietes, who has also expressed his confidence in a cooperation that will allow both organizations to better serve their purposes.

Monitoring and infrastructures commission in R + D + i
Both organizations agree to create a monitoring commission formed by their managers and aimed at planning and evaluating all the actions carried out between AGEINCO and ATIGA. The objective is to establish a fluid and efficient work dynamic, whose actions are well documented to facilitate synergy between all the actors involved and the continuous development of cooperation programs.

The agreement with ATIGA will allow the AGEINCO environment to incorporate a large volume of specific infrastructures for research and development, which will give a great potential for improvement and competitiveness to its associated companies. Among these equipments are the technological centers of Aimen, Anfaco Cecopesca, Ctag, Gradiant, Energylab and the Technological Institute of Galicia.

The materialization of this agreement is part of the strategic plan developed by AGEINCO for the formation of the Galician Engineering Cluster and that includes the formalization of cooperation frameworks with different institutions, both public and private, and that will contribute decisively to promoting the Engineering and technology consulting sector in Galicia.