Abel Caballero today inaugurated the II International Congress on Occupational Risk Prevention and Industrial Safety 4.0, which will feature the most prominent professionals in the sector

More than 250 participants will meet on Thursday and Friday at the Social Center AFUNDACIÓN de Vigo

It is organized by the ISSGA of the Xunta de Galicia, AGEINCO, APROSAL and the Consello Galego de Enxeñeiros Técnicos Industriais

October 18, 2018.- Prevention and security in the new Industry 4.0. it will be one of the central axes that the II International Congress of Prevention of Labor Risks and Industrial Safety 4.0, which will meet tomorrow and last more than 250 professionals of the sector in Vigo, will address.

The mayor of said city, Abel Caballero, will be in charge of inaugurating the Congress tomorrow at 9.30 am at the Social Center of Vigo. He will be accompanied by Adela Quinza-Torroja, president of the Galician Institute of Labor Security and Health (ISSGA) of the Xunta de Galicia; Macario Yebra, his counterpart from the Consello Galego of Enxeñeiros Técnicos Industriais (CGETI); Daniel Prieto, vice president of the Galician Association of Engineering, Consulting and Technological Services Companies (AGEINCO), as well as Carlos Martínez, president of the Association of Occupational Health and Safety Professionals of Galicia (APROSAL).

Under the title “Enabling technologies for collaborative robotics, security and interaction” Iñaki Maurtua, manager of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems at IK4-TEKNIKER, will share with the attendees his experience to create collaborative robots in manufacturing applications that meet 4 requirements: modularity , ease of use, safety and efficiency.

For his part, the head of the Department of electronic architecture, design and mechatronics CTAG, Miguel Segovia, in his speech on “Safety in the Development of the Electric Vehicle”, will talk about the technological changes for the automotive sector that represents the electric vehicle and how these impact on the development process of the vehicle.

Tomorrow Thursday, among many other issues, will also address a presentation on “Security in automatic warehouses. How industry 4.0 affects industrial safety “, by José Manuel Sainz, security expert of storage systems of Mecalux.

The 2nd International Congress of PRL and Industrial Safety 4.0 is organized by the ISSGA of the Xunta de Galicia, together with AGEINCO, APROSAL and the Consello Galego de Enxeñeiros Técnicos Industriais. In addition they collaborate the Concello of Vigo and Free Zone.