TOSCARIA Engineering and Consulting Services s.l.

We provide expert consulting services in the field of Infrastructures with emphasis on the Investment Valuation phase and the Bidding phase:


  • Due Diligence techniques 
  • Cost Estimating Consulting 
  • Risk Management in the Construction phase 
  • Technical Proposals: Investment Planning, Processes
  •  Management of Bidding Processes 
  • Management of Claim Processes 

TOSCARIA controls and manages costs in all phases of the project. Our Integral Project Management service includes cost control, documentation of the supply phase, risk management and “value management” (budgeted vs. executed). 

TOSCARIA provides “cost consulting” services in the pre-contract and post-contract stages to ensure the efficiency of project management in relation to construction costs and deadlines. The management of the Costs in the Infrastructure Projects is one of the differential services in the TOSCARIA portfolio, within the consultancy of Integral Management of Building Projects and Civil Works.   

Cost Estimate Consulting oriented to: 


  • Companies in the Infrastructure sector: Construction Companies and Engineering
  •  Financial Agents: Infrastructure Project Financing, Investment Infrastructure Funds, Private and Institutional Investors, Due Diligence Processes