The president Carmela Silva highlights in the first Ageinco Tribune 2019 the possibilities of collaborating in projects of efficiency and environmental sustainability

The provincial entity and the association agree on the economic importance of SMEs in the sector and the need to increase the role of women in the field of engineering

June 26, 2019. – The president of the Diputación de Pontevedra has led the first Tribune Ageinco of 2019 this year. Carmela Silva has committed to the Galician Association of Engineering, Consulting and Technology Services to collaborate in the improvement of the contracting documents for engineering projects carried out by the provincial institution, once the new government is constituted for 2019-2023.

The president of Ageinco, Daniel Prieto Renda, appreciates the high sensitivity shown by Silva so that the contract documents adequately collect the technical quality of the projects, prioritizing excellence over the short-term economic criterion. In this sense, Prieto recalls that the association, which represents more than 2,000 workers in the most dynamic sectors of the Galician economy, made available to the council a document that guides on the characteristics that must meet the specifications to ensure the technical solvency of the projects.

Ageinco has the defense of the profession as a constant of its activity before the various institutions. For this reason, the Provincial Council and the association will maintain a fluid dialogue and the spirit of collaboration in matters of common interest.

Efficiency and environmental sustainability

On the other hand, Diputación and Ageinco have agreed to collaborate to attend a new line of European funds with which they aspire to achieve significant investments for projects to improve efficiency. Both the association and the provincial administration value this initiative as beneficial for all the municipalities of the province.

One of the tasks in which the provincial president considers necessary and decisive the support of engineering is environmental sustainability, both in urban and rural áreas.

The fight against maritime pollution or the preservation of the natural wealth that characterizes the province of Pontevedra are some of the challenges it posed.

A thriving sector in the economy

Carmela Silva, who very positively appreciates the steps that Ageinco is taking to become the Galician Engineering Cluster, showed its support to small and medium-sized companies such as those that make up the entity due to its significant contribution to economic development.

Prieto confirmed the strength of the sector and explained that most of the firms that make up Ageinco, besides working in Galicia, are internationalized. The key to its success, according to the entity, is the commitment to multidisciplinarity, integrating different technical points of view in its activity. This allows facing challenges such as those of engineering 4.0 with the effectiveness with which the 31 associated companies are doing.

Greater presence of women

The maximum person in charge of the Delegation, who was accompanied in the Ageinco Tribune by the provincial deputy of Igualdade, Isaura Abelairas, also claimed the role of women in engineering. For this reason, she claimed and obtained the support of the association so that more and more female students opt for this type of studies. Daniel Prieto confirmed that “the role of women in the world of engineering is increasingly relevant and more prominent” and pointed out that Ageinco will contribute to further advance in this line.