TEMHA, Structural Typologies in Wood, Concrete and Steel

TEMHA, Structural Typologies in Wood, Concrete and Steel, was created with the objective of meeting the needs of consulting and construction companies in the field of civil engineering structures and singular construction.

The current technological development experienced in the field of construction requires sufficiently technically prepared equipment, capable of undertaking the different tasks of analysis and design, with the level of requirement necessary today. This level of specialization makes it unattractive for many engineering companies to develop and maintain specific departments dedicated to the field of structures. It can also be interesting for companies that have this type of department the possibility of collaborations that serve as support in specific situations.

The human team that integrates TEMHA, qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field of design and structural analysis for their exclusive and continuous dedication, has accumulated the knowledge and technical means necessary to carry out projects that, due to their volume, require numerous resources or that its complexity imply rigorous studies.The technical working group consists of eight road, canal and port engineers, specialists in structures and layout, three technical architects, three draughtsmen and one administrative, with a high degree of specialization in all types of bridges and viaducts, both concrete and steel. and mixed and working with all types of construction types and procedures, also for small, medium or large bridges. In addition, graphic information of recent achievements is collected, showing the technical capacity to solve a wide variety of works, from conventional structures to singular typologies.