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In an event that is part of our mission to strengthen synergies between the engineering, architecture and consulting sector in Galicia, the president of Ageinco, Daniel Prieto, and the General Secretary, Marta Gallego, have held a fruitful meeting with Fabiola Martinez Veracruz, Engineering and Construction Manager at the Repsol Center in A Coruña.

This meeting not only symbolizes a step forward in the recognition and visibility of our partner companies, but also underlines the importance of collaboration and innovation in the sector. Ageinco is not just an association; It is a cluster in motion that goes beyond simply uniting companies. Our focus lies in uniting diverse visions and promoting an environment of plurality, fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation along with solid technical, directive and management capacity.

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If you are looking for visibility and growth opportunities in an environment that values ​​collaboration and innovation, Ageinco is your place. More than an association, we are a cluster in constant motion, dedicated to opening paths towards innovative solutions that combine engineering and technology for a brighter future.

We believe in a future where engineering and technology combine to pave the way for innovative solutions. If you share this vision and seek to enhance your company through collaboration and visibility in a rich and diverse environment, we invite you to join us.

We encourage not only the union of companies, but also that of different visions in an environment of plurality. It’s your chance to be part of a cluster that believes in the power of engineering and architecture to transform our world.

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