Hidria science, environment and development S.L.

HIDRIA is a private consulting and project management services company, which develops actions focused on the environment, tourism and human development, using the scientific method and strategic planning as key elements for the management of its projects.

We defend the Culture of Detail, Innovation and Intercultural Dialogue as symbols of identity in the management of our services, betting on new technologies applied to sustainability and the conservation of resources.

We work under international standards. Our team has consultants certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), the most prestigious international organization in project management worldwide.

We focus on creativity and imagination to create each idea, we integrate each project in the place and in the circumstances where it takes place, we seek to create and innovate without losing sight of the client’s needs and the cultural and natural heritage of each place where we work.

Our actions and projects are:

We continually evaluate the process, detect errors, make changes and renew the phases to always keep the correct course. We create LIVE projects that BREATHE and recognize the changing world where they are immersed

We think of the WHOLE, and not of its parts. We always maintain the vision of each project: we recognize where we started from and we know where we are going.

We promote change, continuous improvement. We know that our creativity makes the difference that makes the entities for which we work more competitive. We think with you and we advise you on the effective and correct management of all your projects.

The relationship with our clients is continuous: to get to know us, so that they know at all times what we are working on, to adapt to their needs. We interact with the environment that surrounds us, with its people, with its culture, with its history, with its “soul”. We develop projects for people and with people. Always in continuous interaction.