OVB Spain has had its corporate headquarters in Madrid since its foundation in 2002. As part of the leading European financial intermediation group OVB, we focus on comprehensive, long-term financial planning geared, above all, to the individual client. The cornerstone of our financial consulting services is the analysis of the financial situation of our clients. What are the specific goals and wishes? When do you want to do them? What are the financial possibilities?
In a personal meeting, our financial professionals meet their clients and create individual financial solutions according to their needs. OVB accompanies its clients for many years. Through regular service appointments, initial financial planning can be adapted to changing life circumstances. OVB brings peace of mind and security.
We collaborate with more than 20 renowned product partners in Spain, which allows us to be the leading financial consulting company in the national market and offer our clients first-class financial solutions that are precisely tailored to their individual needs.