Norlean Manufacturing & Productivity

Our business approach is based on the intensive use of new technologies to offer innovative solutions in the field of simulation to our customers.

Our value proposition is based on the Lean methodology and the advanced 3D simulation technology on industrial processes, through the development of “digital twin” technology, focused on improving the productivity and competitiveness of companies within the framework of the industry 4.0.

NORLEAN offers an innovative service based on the knowledge of its technical team of the needs operations of any company, accumulating more than 70 years of experience among all the members of the team in the key areas of a company: productive operations, finance and marketing and sales.

“Our innovation and experience are always aimed at improving the results of our customers” 3D simulation can improve productivity by up to 20%

NOA Norlean Operations Analyzer
We created a virtual 3D replica of the production plant that allows a visual and intuitive management of the processes, facilitating the work of the technicians and making the technology accessible to managers.


The current applications of 3D simulation can be enormously complex, which makes them little accessible for non-technical personnel. With NOA, we open the simulation and virtual reality to any relevant person in the decision making process.


NOA allows you to integrate data from multiple different sources and perform all kinds of calculations to simulate different scenarios through the use of powerful algorithms.


Experience immersion in a 3D model by using virtual reality glasses. Nothing will be the same!
All production data, one click
The use of different technologies in production means that in many cases the data is scattered. NOA allows to centralize these data and present them graphically and intuitively, superimposing them on the simulated reality in 3d

NOA allows you to recreate reality in a virtual 3D environment, which includes layout, equipment, processes and people.